Fiesta Online’s Latest Update: Trickster Class

Fiesta Online’s Latest Update: Trickster Class


Outspark has launched the new Trickster class for Fiesta Online. The Trickster is an expert at dealing damage in a short amount of time with their dual swords or claws. They are trained assassins, taught to detect weaknesses and overpower their opponents.


Fiesta Trickster


With every slash of a claw or strike of a blade, the Trickster acquires a soul – a living essence used to unleash forceful attacks, powerful enough to bring even the toughest opponents to their knees. The Trickster’s main attributes are strength for damage, and dexterity for evading attacks. Reach level 20 and become a “Gambit,” maximizing skills and power. At level 60 they can upgrade once more to the ultimate “Renegade.”


This class brings a brutal but squishy melee dps class that was previously lacking in the Fiesta world. Through their poison damage over time attacks, they can get in, get out, and still ensure targets are fatally wounded before the enemy can react and counter them. Of course range is their greatest weakness but in the right situation, this class cuts through the competition.


Be sure to check out our video profiling this new class.


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