Florensia increases servers capacity

Burda:ic announced that free-to-play MMORPG Florensia has netted over a million potential players since launching late last year and continues to experience strong double-digit monthly growth. Fortunately, another significant increase in server capacity worldwide means that there’s plenty of room for any and all adventurers who want to seek fun and fortune on the high seas and within the deep dungeons of Florensia!

“Free-to-play games are often viewed as being fundamentally different from subscription MMO’s, but the growth we are seeing in Florensia is a sign that those misconceptions are changing,” said Achim Kaspers, managing director of Burda:ic. “With all the events and updates we have planned for the coming months, including harbor-based guild warfare, we’re confident that the only difference between Florensia and a subscription MMO is the lack of a monthly fee.”

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