Flyff V16: Rise of the Muran – Open Beta Announcement

Flyff V16: Rise of the Muran – Open Beta Announcement


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net is pleased to invite players to participate in Flyff’s V16 Open Beta, starting today! Open Beta will run from October 22nd to October 29th, and will showcase eight new class evolutions, a new end-level instanced dungeon, new monsters to battle,  a new region and city to explore, and a new premium spot for grinding.




Roam the lands of Kaillun to battle the hostile Lykan tribe or stay safe Eillun, the city of cat-like Muran people.  Find new powerful weapons in the Catacombs of Anguish and in Ankou’s Asylum.  With so much to do in the world of Madrigal, there has never been a better time to Fly For Fun!


And to kick things off with a bang, Flyff has a stellar line-up of events, including the chance to win an Ancient Weapon of your choice!  For more details on V16 and all the upcoming launch events, please go to the Flyff Official Website.

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