Forge of Empires Reveals ValentineÂ’s Day Event

Forge of Empires Reveals Valentine’s Day Event



Today, InnoGames announced a special Valentine’s Day event in its strategic browser game, Forge of Empires. From February 11-18, players will have the chance to meet the most famous couple in history – Romeo and Juliet – while tasked with preventing their well-known tragic end. Solving the quest and uniting the pair results in a special reward – a unique building.



In fitting with the celebration of love, the new quests will rely heavily on social, peaceful interactions. The aim is to encourage rulers to increase interaction with neighbors, and therefore, writing in-game messages is a key aspect in solving the quests. For variation, the quest differs depending on the gender of the avatar.  



Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game, where players, tasked with leading their own city to prosperity, can research new technologies, build impressive historical buildings and enlarge their sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealing.

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