Former Nexon boss starts new company!


Former Nexon boss starts new company!
You may not know him, yet but John H. Chi was the CEO and President of Nexon America from 2006 to 2008 establishing Nexon’s Group operations in North America. In those two years, with John at the helm, Nexon brought in more than $50MM in total combined revenue with such games as Maplestory, Audition, and Mabinogi.

Now John has assembled a team consisting of the some of the most experienced online game operators in North America, many with years of experience from Nexon, as well as other U.S. game companies. With this new group, John is looking to take on the vast chasm between online game users: one between the hardcore gamers that play the huge, big client-based massively multiplayer online games and the casual gamers that play the single-player, light flash games, and now “social” games on Facebook.

Social game companies are currently searching for the next step in the evolution of their products. As well, client based online games are reaching a level of saturation in North America. John’s group is looking to launch by aggregating and publishing games across the broad spectrum of F2P online – from light flash, to social games, to browser-based games to client-based games, hitting all demographics up and down the gamer food chain – a FIRST in the online game world. Ultimately, they’ll focus on and also develop games that best represent the future of F2P online – browser based games.
Keep your eyes on this guys!
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