Forsaken World: Freedom Falls Launches Feb. 4


Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, announced the latest expansion for Forsaken World: Freedom Falls – launching on Feb. 4. The newest expansion introduces a new playable race and class while also transforming the world of Eyrda to bring improvements to players’ experience.

Following an invasion from the Storm Legion that resulted in the occupation of Freedom Harbor, the gods of Eyrda created the Land of Origination – this new land acts as a safe haven for adventurers as they begin their quest to recapture their conquered homelands. All the chaos in the world has also drawn the attention of the deceptive new Demon race, and the trident-wielding and debuff-focused Tormentor class bringing additional player options.

Forsaken World: Freedom Falls also brings a new high level progression path known as “Apotheosis” that challenges players to join the ranks of the gods of Forsaken World. In addition to the Land of Origination, the expansion also introduce the Polar Borderlands region – a brand-new zone for players to explore in their quest to fight off the Storm Legion.

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