Four New Eudemons for Easter!

To celebrate Easter and requite your great contributions, four new eudemons have befallen to Cronus under the will of God. They are:

  1. Vanquisher (Warrior Eudemon)
  2. The vanquisher is a powerful melee combat master, capable of dealing out grievous physical damage.


  1. Scrunch (Warrior Eudemons)

These pack a powerful punch. But perhaps their deadliest weapon is their disarming beauty, which can cause enemies to underestimate them.

  1. Valkyrie (Mage Eudemons)

Versed in black magic these Eudemons are more than willing to unleash havis upon their enemies.

  1. Sizzle (Mage Eudemons)

Armed with the ability to fry their enemies with destructive magic, these Eudemons are forces to be reckoned with!


All four Eudemons are available in the shopping mall next Monday (Mar. 25th), and you can also hunt Vanquisher and Valkyrie eggs by killing monsters! Besides, they all can be appointed as Knights of the Round Table, in the name of Arthur and the will of God!

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