Fractured Space Pushes Frontline October Update

Edge Case Games, creators of the hit space game Strike Suit Zero, today launched a major update for their tactical space MOBA, Fractured Space. Code-named “Frontline” and now available on Steam Early Access, the update delivers a brand new Frontline game mode focused on high-speed, straight ahead fleet combat between the game’s giant capital ships. The update, which can be seen in a new game trailer released today, also includes two new ships, over a dozen new ship skins, and a host of other improvements and additions.

Fractured Space Overseer

The new Frontline game mode takes place in a single lane, offering a very different experience than Fractured Space’s traditional multi-lane tactical fleet combat. In this mode, players are assigned to random ships with a Frontline Loadout at the start of the game–with ships selected from the full roster in the game regardless of what players have unlocked. Even new players will have a chance of piloting the most advanced ships in the game, giving them a preview of what they can look forward to unlocking as they level up.

In Frontline mode, players fight for control of in-game resources used for upgrading their fleet to overpower the enemy team. New Jump options allow players to quickly and strategically reach the enemy base station to secure victory. Aggressive play is recommended–if the countdown timer reaches zero the game enters Sudden Death with no respawning–once a ship is taken down it’s knocked out of the match and teams can quickly be whittled down!

displacer-art.pngThe update includes a host of other new features, including the new Displacer and Overseer ships. The USR Displacer is a tactical support craft specializing in conflict zone control by manipulating enemy positions. Its primary weapon can push enemy ships like a tugboat, allowing them to be pushed into the line of fire, and its secondary pulse weapon can scatter any ships caught in its blast radius. The Overseer from manufacturer Zarek Industries is a sniper ship with a single huge cannon. No mystery as to how to use this ship: control the battlefield from a vantage point, punishing any enemies who venture away from cover!

Other new additions include 13 premium ship skins that can be purchased to give player ships a bold new look, graphical and audio enhancements to enrich the play experience, user interface updates, and stat boosts for ship crew that increase their impact on ship performance. For more information on today’s update, including build notes, please visit

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