Freesky Online: Imperial Palace

Freesky Online is a strategic game that features intricate strategy, easy game controls, fierce air battles, and high quality flash graphics. In the middle of your world will be the Imperial Palace. This imposing structure is the symbol of your empire and the seat of the Empire’s political and military might. However, the palace can’t do it all alone; there are many important buildings that assist this powerful structure in governing your Empire effectively. So, the folks from Freesky Online will explain just what you can do to streamline palace operations.
Cultural Institute
This unassuming name hides a dark purpose. Inside the halls of this building, Imperial troops master Dominance and Ambition. The more important of these two is Dominance. Without this skill, a branch city can’t be subjugated and placed under imperial control. The higher the level of this skill, the more cities can be controlled. Ambition, which enables you to recruit more heroes to your city, is also useful as heroes can make a big difference in battle.
Alliance Chamber
Forming alliances is critical to surviving long in this world. No Empire is going to be able to go it alone for very long, so the quicker you make friends, the better off your long range prospects will be. Don’t worry, making friends doesn’t necessarily include playing nice with others, so feel free to be the baddest Emperor you can be… as long as your friends still got your back. To start forming alliances, you need to build an Alliance Chamber. However, if your ambitions extend beyond your borders, make sure you level it up quickly; you need to hit at least Level 3 before you can form your own Alliance.
Taverns are places that attract the thirsty and the tired from off the road. If you’re lucky enough, a hero will occasionally pop by for a drink, and with the right offer, you can hire them to lead your Army. Heroes have uses beyond the military that make them invaluable as well. They also increase resource yield and production speed. If you already have a Cultural Institute, and there is no reason you should not, then make sure you’re studying Ambition so you can recruit more heroes. 
Bright Shrine, Shadow Shrine, Divine Hall, and Cursed Temple
These 4 buildings are perhaps the most revered and the most mysterious. These structures are brimming with magical power and are the deciding factor when it comes to what kind of heroes your Empire is looking for. When one of these has been constructed, they will attract heroes of that type, as well as boosting these heroes’ deity, light, shadow, or devil attributes.
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