Freesky Online Looking to Release Palm Pre App Version

Freesky Online is an online strategy game featuring RPG and SLG that will soon have you looking for any excuse to check your cell phone. That’s right, the Freesky development team is planning to bring this great game to a Palm Pre near you!
A few months ago the FO dev team was working on a transplant that would allow Freesky to be played on the Apple iPhone 3G, using their touch screen tech. Controls were being specifically designed for players to be able to build their Empire’s, attack enemies and manage their armies simply by touching the screen of their phone. All this changed when the smart phone company that started it all jumped in the mix with the release of their new handset, the Palm Pre. The Pre featured a Web Operating System that would be ideally suited for the Freesky app, and had the stylish appearance, and performance that would rival the vaunted iPhone. The FO dev team is excited about the prospect of working with Palm and their new phone to develop an app for it.
Although the Apps aren’t near completion yet, both phones offer outstanding platforms to support Freesky, and the dev team will compare the two companies’ SDK and smartphone systems to select the one more suitable for a transplant. Soon you may have your whole empire in the Palm of your hand!

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