GamersFirst announces GoGoRacer

GamersFirst, a service of K2 Network and one of today’s most popular free-to-play online game destinations, announces GoGoRacer to debut on GamersFirst.

Put the pedal to the metal in GoGoRacer! Compete in engaging races for car parts, medals, and above all else, fame! Players can race in head to head challenges, participate in team races, or establish the fastest racing time to declare superiority. Easily and limitlessly customize characters and rides to tweak them into the ultimate performance cars to give them that extra boost in competition. Unleash your road rage and show off your racing skill to become the champion in GoGoRacer!

“Adding GoGoRacer to GamersFirst is the first step towards bringing a lighter more casual aspect to our line up of games,”
stated Joe Rush, Director of Game Operations, “The ultimate goal is to create a site that will cater to many different gamers without undercutting the quality of the game experience.”

In GoGoRacer karts react realistically to the surrounding environment as players collide, jump over ramps, ledges & banks. After winning a race, players may receive random car parts as a reward. These components can be used to create modification kits for their kart, allowing them to further tweak its performance. Players can also compete in individual and team modes against other players for game cash and prizes. By participating in races, players can collect components that can then be used to craft new parts for their cars, allowing them to continually improve their rides.

Radiance Digital Entertainment is a Shanghai-based company that strives to develop and operate high quality online games for the global market. Radiance seeks to balance innovation with value creation and to produce IPs that will transcend culture and language barriers. By combining software development and online game operations, Radiance is committed to providing its customers, both players and partners, local and international, with the best possible product and service.

Closed beta for GoGoRacer will start soon.

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