Announces New Maps, Armor and Special Events for Its

New Accursed Ruins Map
It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the
inclusion of a new map to Xiah Rebirth! The Accursed Ruins is the
most challenging zone yet, with level 111~140 monsters to test your
skills against. The best drop items in the game are available in the
Accursed Ruins, as well as the best armor set yet, the Blood Dragon!
Visit our great fan site for guides and stat info on
both the new mobs and the Blood Dragon Armor! The map is now

New Blood Dragon Item Set
Accompanying the new Accursed Ruins map is the most powerful set of
gear in the game, the Blood Dragon Armor! The set now drops on the
new map, so there’s even more reason to venture into the Accursed
Ruins. With over 2000 Defense and Damage, the Blood Dragon set is by
far the greatest item set available in the game to date. Check out
the stats on our fan site, and there have already been
pieces of the set given out as Contest prizes so keep an eye out for
them in-game with more to come in the future! The armor is now

Double FEMA and Experience Event
We’ve just begun a great new bonus event, a two week period of Double
FEMA and Experience from both hunting and mining! Now’s the time to
power yourself up to have a fighting chance in the Accursed Ruins!
The event goes on from 7/21/08 ~ 8/4/08, enjoy!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on Hammers and Lily Pockets
For this weekend only, get the most out of the Double FEMA and
Experience Event by taking advantage of a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on
Cloud, Rain, Heaven, and Wind Hammers, and stock up on the most
powerful pockets in the game to increase your strength to the fullest
extent! The sale will last from 7/25/08 ~ 7/28/08, so don’t miss out!

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