Gamigo Unveils its E3 Exclusives to Public

Gamigo Unveils its E3 Exclusives to Public




At E3 2011 OnRPG visited the Gamigo booth and was treated to a sneak peak at some of their upcoming titles for 2011. Though our editing crew is still occupied with preparing our in-depth interview on these titles, Gamigo has been kind enough to make some of the assets available to the public. Two games in particular really stand out as being games to watch in 2011. These games both offer a unique take on the MMO genre while being starkly unique from each other.


UFO Online


With three factions, a variety of mercenary classes and tactical battles against AI and other players, this browser-based game has players battling for freedom against oppressive alien overlords that have made themselves at home on Earth. Our first look at this game depicted highly-detailed modern 3D graphics we don’t normally come across in browser based games.


Check out our Game Profile for a closer look at the details and teaser trailer of this game.





Grimlands was kept rather secret even during our visit to E3, so we are very pleased to be able to bring our viewers information at last on this ambitious title. In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by earthquakes, players find themselves fending off mutants, marauders, and the mentally unchecked in a desperate fight for survival.



But no worries, you will have more than magic to defend yourself. You will have an awesome arsenal of guns at your disposal. Want a twist? Despite this being set up like an MMORPG, you will have to aim at your targets to shoot them. Get ready for a treat at Gamigo and Drago Entertainment set you on a Borderlands styled journey in which you can only master the skills you use, and only the skilled survive.


Just like UFO Online, we have prepared a brand new Game Profile for you to get more information on this excited new cross between FPS and MMORPG.

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