Gloria Victis Improves Combat System, Expands World

Gloria Victis Improves Combat System, Expands World news header

The last update for Gloria Victis follows and greatly expands the latest changes for combat mechanics and PVP experience. First of all, the headshots detection in PVP have been implemented, as well as gaining experience for PVP fights. Moreover, the combat dynamics has been greatly improved with speeding up the character’s movement when blocking, putting even more emphasis to the player’s skills in battle.

The game’s world has been expanded as well with few new locations – old battlefield, raiders’ camp full of longboats and Fangsborough, new town to capture and develop. Moreover, new defensive objects has been added to the gate towers upgrading mechanics: stones and wooden logs that can be thrown down on the invaders.

At the moment, while making the last polishes before implementation of the reworked inventory and guilds systems, the team is revamping the buffs and debuffs system. It will allow Gloria Victis to implement weather’s impact on the actual gameplay and the alchemic recipes, as well as the heroes system that will reward the most active players among the nation for fighting the enemies and claiming the lands.

The changelog is available here.

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