GOA Cease Operation of European Warhammer Online

GOA Cease Operation of European Warhammer Online

Last week saw the announcement that GOA will cease operating Warhammer Online in Europe and transfer the publishing rights for region back to Mythic Entertainment.

Speculations are sure to arise from this news regarding the future of WAR however GOA have assured their players that this is not a reflective decision based on the games financial results.

While no further details have been given, we have been informed that this transition will be occurring swiftly and starting soon, a full FAQ will be posted at some point today or tomorrow.

The full announcement can be found on the official GOA Warhammer website.

Here is hoping that Mythic take up the idea of that tournament GOA announced and the best of luck to all involved in the transition!
OnRPG will keep you updated on this story as more comes in.

Warhammer Online - RIP GOA

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