Gobblemania Strikes Outspark Titles

Gobblemania Strikes Outspark Titles



GOBBLEMANIA takes Outspark by storm this week with everyone’s beloved Game Masters cooking up a feast of epic gaming to get your turkey on.  Here’s just a sample of what’s in store for fans of the free-to-play anime fantasy MMORPGs, Fiesta and Luvinia, and the hit free-to-play hardcore arcade brawler, Dark Blood:



M 11/19 – W 11/21 2pm PT

Fiesta Turkey Derby

Get ready for pumpkin pie with a wacky race around the sparkling seaport town of Roumen.  Run alongside friends by foot, by horse and by supersonic speed, for glory of the season and valuable prizes.



M 11/19 – W 11/21 10am & 2pm PT

Luvinia Turkey Roasting

Hunt Ultra Mega Turkeys on a GM led expedition and rake in riches including gold, potion, and more.



Tu 11/20

Fiesta Turkey Trivia

Join in the fun on the Fiesta Facebook wall as Game Masters test wits on Best & Most Fowl Play.



M 11/19 – F 11/30

Dark Blood Thanksgiving Trout

Go fishing for the holidays in Dark Blood’s exciting new content update.  Players with the biggest catch in one sitting reel in rewards.

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