GodsWar Online: Client Update Brings Class Transition System

GodsWar Online: Client Update Brings Class Transition System

The GodsWar Online team has announced that a new system called Class Transition System is available now. Along with that, the GodsWar client has been updated to V1.0.297!

Transition System Introduction:
The Transition System gives players the chance for a brand new start, but not a blank slate. The Exp and Level in your original class are transferred to your new class, where new fancy titles, skills and spells await exploration.
The best time to take advantage of this system is below Level 100, as those that are over require some special items. So if you’re lower than 100, then take your time and decide which class seems best for you, and if it doesn’t work out, then move on to another.

After successful transition you would obtain:
Skills: Your old class skills will be frozen when you embark on your adventures in your new class, so don’t expect to bring them with you. For your new class skills, you may need to visit the Skill Merchant to purchase skill books, so be prepared for this.


Talent: Skills from your old class will be returned to you as talent points to be spent on your new class skills as you like. If all of the skills in your old class have been maxed out at Level 40, then we will give you a set of new Level 40 skills, and our respect for your devotion.
Equipment: You must visit the corresponding NPCs to have your equipment switched and fitted to your new class, with the same level, grade and added attributes.

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