GodsWar Online Players Defend the Docks in New Instance

GodsWar Online Players Defend the Docks in New Instance


IGG is ready to roll out another delightfully difficult instance for GodsWar Online. “Bay under Attack” pits Level 50+ players against an army looking to damage the Greek economy by attacking a key port. To thwart this attack, you must gather a team of brave defenders and defend the docks.


Christina’s Plan

The deadly Christina plotted a clandestine attack on ports key to Ancient Greece’s economic might. After elaborate and dangerous meetings with groups of bandits, mercenaries and Persian cutthroats, she soon had a small army. To bolster their strength, she secured the talents of the Skeleton Lord, a menace that has been plaguing the suburbs of Sparta. With this truly fearful force she set off to seize strategic ports along the Greek coast in an attempt to disrupt control of the shipping lanes. In response to this threat, leaders of the Greek city-states have come together to enlist their most promising warriors to turn back the tide of evil. With so much at stake, they have promised valuable rewards for those defenders who prove instrumental in the defeat of the bandit army.


Gods War


Rules of Engagement

– The instance requires a party of 3-5 players Level 50 or above. A player can enter the instance once per day. The battle will last for 30 minutes, after which players will be teleported back to the main city.
– After a team has formed, members select a team leader who must talk to the Instance Caller. Instance Callers in each of the two major cities will teleport players into the action.
– All monsters in the instance will drop treasure, but the higher-level monsters carry higher-quality items. Killing the boss Christina will complete the instance and secure a Greek victory.



Drops in the instance include a full range of skillbooks catering to the needs of players of different levels, a variety of regular gems/crystals/Exp pills, costumes (limited), high-end gear and other high-quality items. Will you prove your mettle and answer the call to defend the “Bay under Attack” from Christina’s army? Rally your comrades-in-arms to overcome this threat and earn the gratitude of all of Greece.

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