GodsWar Online: The Spies are arriving!

GodsWar Online is a game that will enrich your life with its historical battles and fun events. Everyday is something different for players to try. Today the GodsWar Online team is going to introduce us to a perplexing new event: The Spies Invaded! 
The Athenians and Spartans have fought against each other several times, and both have suffered great losses. As a result, they need to change their battle strategy… suddenly, a group of hostile forces have appeared in each main city – it’s an invasion of spies! Warriors! It’s time to safeguard your city!
During this event, players will be rewarded with rich Exp and Talent Points when they succeed in killing hostile spies in their main city. Men of valor will be respected and remembered forever. Come fight for your homeland and be a true hero!
Event Time
10:30pm-10:40pm and 5:30pm-5:40pm every day
Event Content
A large number of spies, spy captains and spy masters will appear in both main cities and will drop various EXP Stones and Talent Stones if they are killed.
Event Notes
1.The spies are called Spartan Spy, Spartan Spy Captain, Spartan Spy Master, Athenian Spy, Athenian Spy Captain and Athenian Spy Master. They are passive monsters with the appearance of soldiers.
2. The Athenian Spy Masters will say "Hah… I am a good guardian to defend our homeland" when they are spawned.
3. A Spy’s HP is 10; it will cause the equivalent damage of a common level 20 monster.
4. A Spy Captain’s HP is 20; it will cause the equivalent damage of a common level 80 monster.
5. A Spy Master’s HP is 100; it will cause the equivalent damage of a common level 100 monster.
6. All spies are single-attack monsters with 100000 defense. Players will reduce 1 HP while attacking them.
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