Golf Star Prepares for Global Tournament

Golf Star Prepares for Global Tournament


The second official worldwide Golf Star tournament will take place this weekend from the 22nd until the 24th of April. On Friday the qualification games will start, where players will have the opportunity to compete for a spot in one of the semi-finals. These semi-finals will begin on Saturday, while the final is going to be on Sunday.


Golf Star World Tournament


The Rules for the Tournament:

– 25 qualification games, 5 of them starting at a time each with 29 players
– spots in qualification games are first come, first served basis. Try to be quick, getting a spot in a qualification game is your first challenge for the tournament
– the best 5 players in each qualification game qualify for the semi finals
– 5 semi finals with 25 players each
– the best 5 players in each semi final qualify for the finals
– course: White cliff, 18 holes, 45 seconds per stroke (par 3 gives you 2:15 min, par 4 gives you 3:00 min etc.)
– prizes: 3000 SP for 1st place, 2000 SP for 2nd place, 1000 SP for 3rd place


From the sounds of it, some of GolfStar’s GMs will be competing within this tournament so look out! Golf Star is one majorly competitive game and things could get ugly out there on the green. OnRPG wishes all those participating the best of luck in this upcoming tournament.

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