Gplayon Announces Open Beta Dates for Waren Story

Gplayon Announces Open Beta Dates for Waren Story



Gplayon has announced open beta for their fantasy MMORPG, Waren Story, will begin March 7. Players will be tasked with exploring the dark continent of Waren as evil of all shape and variety threaten to consume it.



Waren Story features spectacular graphics and animation, four distinct classes and more than 10 captivating PvP modes to foster competition between players and guilds. The game also offers several methods of guild vs guild conflict for those seeking large scale rivalries.




Gplayon has prepared plenty of open beta tests as well. Players will be rewarded for just logging in during the OBT phase, participating in the war system, and reaching certain levels. Also, an event to bring likes to their Facebook page will earn players various rewards if their goals are reached.



Players can check out more information and participate in the upcoming Open beta test by visiting and keep up with the event schedule on Facebook.

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