Grand Chase And Pangya Get New Servers

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that it is has opened new servers for Grand Chase and Pangya, two of its popular MMO titles, due to increasing demand.  In an effort to accommodate the growing pool of loyal players and serve the growing community, Ntreev has opened new servers to meet the needs of its fans.
“Needing to open new servers for both Grand Chase and Pangya is a testimony that both titles continue to thrive, especially with our continuous efforts to provide new and compelling content for players,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.  “With the addition of Jin as a playable character last week for Grand Chase, and a new patch for Pangya this week and new Season 4 content coming soon, we are excited for players to check out all the new gameplay elements we have in store for them.”
In action adventure MMO brawler Grand Chase, a new character, Jin, a melee specialist, was introduced last week, where his character attributes, including a special fighting ability and special attacks, help him as he joins the chase to search for Luther, leader of the Silver Knights. Jin has three classes, the first job being Fighter where he uses his fists and feet to attack.  He also possesses the unique ability to “burn,” a special ability that makes him stronger and changes his skills.  Jin can charge the gauge and use the charge to perform special attacks or improved skills.  If the bar is fully charged, Jin will go into “burn” mode making several new attacks available, and boosting his skills and attack power; however the charge bar will quickly drain in burn mode.  In addition, Jin also has the ability to dash through opponents during their mid-combo attacks.
In Pangya, a new patch was just released late last week.  The latest patch includes the release of special items and the limited time “Pang Ramyon” caddy which may be purchased using Chrono Points.  Twenty-five Chrono Points can be earned for every 10 minutes of gameplay.  This special event will end on June 24th so players should make sure to earn their Chrono Points now.  In addition to the new patch, players can look forward to this summer’s release of Season 4 content, including an all-new Self Design Feature where players can totally custom create a character’s outfit from head to toe.  Players will be able to choose from different pieces of clothing to make up an outfit and then can decorate the clothing with their own artistic flair.  In addition, players will also be treated to an all-new character, a pop-star known as Lucia, who is already a hugely popular character in the Asian version of the game where Season 4 is now live. Ntreev has also added a new security feature that includes an in-game safe for players to keep all their purchased items.  By putting their items in the new safe, players will not have to worry about hacking or loss of their valuable items. Additionally, players can create custom items and give them as gifts to other players, and the gift will be embossed with the player’s name when it is delivered.
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