H1Z1’s “King of the Kill” gets delayed!

H1Z1 King of the Kill Launch Date Trailer

One of the big interviews we had set up during Pax West 2016 was H1Z1’s “King of the Kill”. It is going to be an insane PVP mode, chaotic, violent, with so many different things going on. You can go in solo, you can compete as a team, you can enter skirmishes that have a variety of rules, you can. . . Oh, you can’t? It’s not ready? I. . . I thought it was out this week! So, according to their team, they’re going to let it “bake” a little longer and return to the drawing board.  Now I will say that, Holy damn they changed a lot of stuff on Sept 20th. I don’t really follow it so much but I am aware of its existence. But anyone who knows me, I love violent, chaotic messy PVP. I totally understand that they want to make sure it’s as good as they can possibly be. That makes sense. But they announced that they weren’t going to let the game drop on time back on 9/15/16. That’s my problem. I imagine their entire audience was a mix of happiness and despair, knowing it’s going right back into testing.

H1Z1 King of the Kill Official Teaser Trailer

That’s not my only complaint. They’re getting rid of keys, which you use to unlock chests for rewards. That’s great! So, when you get a chest you can just open it, yes? Is that how it works? Well. . . no. They’re introducing a new currency! Yeah! Crowns! You use Crowns to open chests! So they’re taking keys away, and giving you a new thing that at least it won’t be a random drop at all! It’s a wallet drop, and those can be pretty rare. I don’t know, I just don’t really agree with that If you had keys and you wanted to use them, I hope you used them before the update too! They’re also introducing Scrap, which is way to deal with duplicate skins. You can spend the Scrap at the Scrapyard to buy new stuff. Personally [and this is just me], I think you could just include a bit where the chest doesn’t include dupe items/skins. I don’t really have a beef with the Scrapyard system other than I think it is just a trifle silly. All told, it’s for the best that if they aren’t happy with the game that they keep it in beta and work til it’s as good as they can make it. But a little more warning would have been mighty nice, not the 11th hour.

More information can be found about keys here, and a letter from the devs right here.

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