Halloween Celebrations for Quickboy and Seven Knights

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Netmarble Games (“Netmarble”), a leading Korean gaming company, today announced special Halloween events for its recently released mobile games, Quickboy and Seven Knights. Featured on the App Store and Google Play Store in 154 countries, Quickboy sets the stage for Halloween with costumes for the team, survivors sending their gratitude by making it rain with candy rewards and much more. The chart-busting RPG with over seven million downloads worldwide, Seven Knights offers a variety of 11 themed costumes and opportunities for heroes to become even more powerful heroes with 6 Star combat gear including weapons and armor.



In the side-scrolling running platformer Quickboy, players must take on the role of delivery boy Tommy Hawk in his journey to save the world from a newly ravaged world overrun with zombies! The action-packed survival guide can be found at: www.QuickBoygame.com

  • Duration: October 27th – November 5th
  • Halloween Costumes: Main characters such as Tommy, Lily, Nick and Jessica will continue on their mission to save humanity, completely decked out for the holiday transforming them into a motley crew of ghoulish frights
  • Pumpkin Zombies Event: Zombies donning pumpkin heads randomly appear in both story-mode and challenge mode. After successfully eliminated a targeted number of zombies, players will be rewarded with a limited edition Halloween drone, exclusively available during this event
  • Halloween Candy Event: Thankful survivors throw candy to Tommy and his crew which can be used to unlock a Halloween random box, revealing a special prize
  • 2 Additional Drones:
    • 1st added Drone: creates an item that allows the player to accumulate “Double Score” during their run (Double Score effect is engaged for a set time during the run)
    • Halloween Drone: creates candy coins, and the candy coins are exchangeable “currency” – which converts to x2 coins. (1 Halloween Coin = 2 ‘normal’ in-game coins).


Seven Knights

With stunning 3D visuals and lively turn-based RPG combat, Seven Knights invites players to collect and upgrade over 230 heroes, blaze through battles with a customized team and explore a number of dynamic game modes for variety and challenge. For more information please visit: http://sevenknights.netmarble.com/.

  • Duration: October 22nd – November 4th
  • Halloween Costumes: Vampire, Corpse Bride, Black Swan and Heart-Queen are just some of the 11 costumes exclusively available for the holiday
  • Reap Rewards with Pumpkin and Candy: Pumpkins can be earned from clearing the Adventure mode and Candy can be earned clearing either Battle Arena, Castle Rush or Celestial Tower—Pumpkins and Candy can then be traded in for 6 Star Weapons, Armor and Hero Tickets.


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