Heroes of Newerth Goes Big with Patch 2.5

Heroes of Newerth Goes Big with Patch 2.5



S2Games brought the heat this week with their patch 2.5 of their hit MOBA, Heroes of Newerth! With renovations made to mentoring, matchmaking, and aesthetic improvements, players will be seeing HoN in a whole new light (literally).




One of the common complaints of Heroes of Newerth is the steep learning curve required to get on par with the more hardcore players. Well now if you are one of those rough and tough pros and want to get your friend into the game and onto your level, you can guide them directly in real time through the early stages of the game. The mentor system gives you a live feed of your pupil’s screen, allowing you to communicate to him in a private chat through voice and text and even ping their screen with your cursor. As you might have inferred this of course means that live spectating of matches is also being introduced with this patch.



Matchmaking Rework

HoN’s matchmaking algorithms have been improved upon with this patch, ensuring shorter queue times, better matchups, and various group options to custom games to your liking!



New Items

HoN is offering two new items that should throw a wrench in the current tactics prevalent in the game. These items promise to bring some serious attribute buffs and even stealth assassination opportunities via item optimization.



Aesthetic Update

HoN is even planning to make the game look better with this patch! From ambient sounds to tree and creep reworks, expect to see a more beautiful game than you ever imagined!

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