HeroSmash begins Youtube Search for Super Heroes!

HeroSmash Begins Youtube Search for Super Heroes!



Artix Entertainment is holding a unique contest for players to enter for a chance to be immortalized in the popular new MMORPG HeroSmash as NPCs. Winners will have their characters put permanently in-game as quest givers, shop keepers, trainers, spies, etc.


HeroSmash is a new MMORPG that Artix Entertainment released into the Beta phase on April 28th, 2011. In the game, Super Villains and Heroes battle against each other for control of strategic locations and items within Super City. Players can choose to become evil Super Villains or good Heroes and fight to ensure their side’s victory. One week into its Beta release, HeroSmash already had over 500,000 registered users. Today there are over 700,000.



The contest is called Who Wants to be a Super NPC? To enter, players must submit a YouTube video entry of themselves (or a gullible friend) dressed in a costume and acting as a super villain or hero. Costumes don’t have to be professionally made (but it’s ok if they are). Costumes can be made of anything safe and non-flammable including towels, aprons, aluminum foil, paper, and other household goods. All video entries must be under three minutes long and G-rated. Players may also enter in-game footage of their characters if they do not want to appear on camera themselves. However, those with the courage to submit live action entries will have a greater chance of winning.


“This contest is the craziest and most bizarre thing our online gaming community has done yet!” said Adam Bohn, Founder/CEO of Artix Entertainment, LLC. “We are continually in awe of our players’ fearless creativity and energy. We are proud to immortalize them in our game.”


For the first time ever, Artix Entertainment is offering players a unique opportunity to become a permanent NPC in one of their games. This contest is open to all current players as well as to new ones who want to test out their video-making skills for a chance to be immortalized in HeroSmash.


Artix Entertainment has just started selecting one new winner every Friday to become a permanent NPC in HeroSmash. This contest will be on-going and the developers have no plans of ending it for at least one hundred years!

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