HiRez to Implement Two-Factor Authentication


And why it is fucking important.

I’ve met a lot of people who hate, hate two-factor/extra authentication for their games, their email, their social media. And I frankly do not understand why. How could you hate something like that? Oh no, you have to open your phone for a second to get a code so you can get into your game. It’s not like it’s a life or death situation or something. Besides, we’re a civilization who has our phones attached to our hands, and even easier in a time where you can unlock your phone with a thumb print. Internet Security is at a premium, and we have a lot of personal, private information just sitting around on the Internet. Passwords aren’t that hard to get or guess, and I’ve had my own email hacked once or twice. Until I started using two-factor authentication, so now any ISP that is not mine will require a code or thumbprint from my phone, or some other manner of authentication. Hell, I use three sometimes!

However, HiRez announced today that they are going to be testing on December 5th, Two-Factor authentication for people who have a HiRez login name. People who use Facebook/Google logins are not in the running for this. You can have it set to authorize everytime you log in, or “sporadically”, which will likely mean once a day. It’s a terrific idea, and one that more games where people throw ridiculous sums of money ought to look into. Blizzard’s been doing it for years, and even offered an incentive to do it, plus you could get a cool item that produced a code that could go on your keychain or whatever. The Secret World had one as well I believe. And with the nature of accounts being compromised due to weak passwords/account sharing, I’m glad that they’re looking into this. Do you want to sign up for it? I do, and I did! You can click this handy link to get all of the information.

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  • Dimitri Bellemans

    I think it’s essential nowadays to have a better security and the two-factor is the only reliable one. Last year, I’ve tried Wildstard and only three days later, my account was already attacked by some external people trying to log on my account (I’m usually secure with my informations, and I use complex password) but it didn’t last long.
    So yeah, I think it’s cool to have two-factor authentification, specially when it only take less than ten seconds to log-in. In some game you only have to do it once a day on each PC so even if you disconnected and reconnect again, it’s not that annoying.

    • Ragachak

      I agree wholeheartedly. It really ought to become the security standard. People who complain about it don’t love their stuff. Haha.