I hate Voxel Games but I love Dragon Quest Builders

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So the demo for Dragon Quest Builders is out! Anyone who knows me [and I’ve said it before and again] that Voxel games bore me to absolute tears. Just random building for the sake of building will inevitably drive me away. That’s what interested me about Trove; it at least had MMO elements, but it wasn’t perfect yet. Something was missing. But what was it? I found it last night and again this morning! Dragon Quest Builders is a Voxel Game, sure. It has blocks to pick up and stuff to build. But there’s a story! And it. . . makes sense!  It feels to me like the Dragon Lord finally won. He conquered the world and stole the Light. It’s been decades, probably centuries, and the world has fallen into ruin. Hopefully I will acquire this game so I can finally explore what may be the perfect building game.


You take the role of Bildrick. To Dragon Quest fans, that’s something intriguing. Erdrick [in America, Loto in Japan] is the Legendary hero that fought and defeated the Dragon Lord. So it’s a portmanteau of Builder and Eridrick. It’s beautiful, and perfect. A voice calls from afar to show you the path to your destiny. Your goal is to rebuild civilization via a great town. The greatest town! If you can just do this, Alefgard might rise again, and maybe we’ll even fight the Dragon Lord. This is just the demo, but now I have a real quest in mind. A Dragon Quest, one might say. I’ve never said I love a Voxel Game, but I think this is the perfect one for me. The enemies that pollute the world look like their Dragon Quest counterparts. You craft weapons, armor, build a town, fight dangerous [and cute] foes. I’ve been playing for hours and haven’t been able to stop! Dragon Quest Builders launches Oct. 11th, and my main complaint was that I was playing on my Vita. It plays fine on the Vita, but I would have rather played it on my PS4. When I went to download the demo I didn’t see it online so I went to the Vita. If you like to build cool stuff and explore a wonderful world, you need this game.

If you like Voxel Games and beautiful RPGs, you need this game.

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