I love/hate having so much to do at level 110 [WoW]

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I’ve had a lot to say, both good and bad [mostly good] about Legion. There’s so much to do, and it’s recommended by many people that when you hit 110, you keep going until you complete all the zones before you move on to Suramar. That’s the level 110 area for those of you who aren’t savvy. There is even more to do there, you have to help the Elves there feed their mana addictions [at least the ones you’re friends with. . .], help jump start a revolution and of course, grind forever for reputation to unlock even more content. That last part makes me die a little inside. I’ve only been 110 a few days now, and wanted to level my Priest, as well as other 100s. However. . . I’ll have to do every single zone again. None of that progress stretches across account that I’ve seen and the idea that I’ll have to go back to Highmountain honestly made me want to flee screaming from my computer. But when you hit 110, the Broken Isles begin to open up in new and exciting ways.

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The world is basically your oyster. There’s still no flight, and the first raids aren’t here yet, but they’re coming very soon. The World Quests, once you unlock them offer a new way to get gear, gold, resources, you name it! There are also Emissary Quests, which require you to do World Quests five of them] for a faction. Completing this, and returning to that faction gives you rewards, like rep and chests that can drop loot! This resets every day, so you can’t just spam them. You just have to be Friendly with the major Legion factions to unlock most of them. There’s another step for Suramar World Quests. But they are quests that frequently spawn across the Broken Isles that you can go complete, typically related to quests that already happened. You might have to save some bears, kill something, shoot birds out of the sky, or fight powerful entities. Or go into dungeons! There are so many options! Hell, there are even Pet Battle World Quests! I did one this morning where I beat up something I desperately wish I could’ve captured. What? You don’t want a legendary battle pet? Don’t lie to me. The major downside though to World Quests, is if you leave them for a few days, you have a huge backlog of things to do. It’s hard for me to remember all the crap I need to do in game, and the more 110s I have, the more taxing it’s probably going to be. I won’t lie, I’m afraid it’s going to turn into a second job again. . .

What do you guys think of World Quests and the absolute glut of content at 110? Did it make you want to come back to the game?

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