Idea: Turn Pokémon Go + Pokémon Snap = INFINITE MONEY!!


The Bottom Tier News Entertainment System is dedicated to bringing you the best and most interesting of news from all across the Internet. But today, a story from our own backyard, here at OnRPG. It occurred to us that Pokémon Go is doing pretty well. It’s got a ton of followers, people spending time and money on it, etc. But I don’t think that the Pokémon Company are thinking big enough. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Niantic and The Pokémon Company, feel free to send my royalty check to my Paypal account. We have Augmented Reality, powerful cellphones with above-average cameras, we have trading and battling on the way. What’s the next step?



Pokémon. Snap. Just about everyone knows what that is. You take photographs of Pokémon and the better the picture, the better your score is. This makes the game more competitive than ever. “But Jason!” you might cry out. “How do we tell whose photo is the best!?” Don’t worry, I have an answer for that as well. It’s what I’m here for. Black Desert has a system to rate screenshots/photos, using a tumblr-esque/Hot-or-Not mechanic. We could do the same thing easily for Pokémon. Photos would get up/down voted by the community, perhaps on a 1-10 scale, one per person of course. Then you can award badges/exp/stardust for receiving certain amounts of upvotes; this will get players motivated to vote for people, and build a competitive, and brand new community within Pokémon Go. Some people will just want to battle, some people will want to hatch eggs and trade, building that fitness game. But some people just like finding the perfect Photograph. Whether it’s a Diglett popping out of the crotch, Magmar rising from a volcano, or a Pidgeot or Fearow soaring elegantly through the skies/dashing through a terrified crowd of people.


Even better, put this on a third-party server, like Tumblr or something, to create more ad revenue, cross-promotion, and when the Pokémon Go servers overload and crash [and they will/do], people can continue to be engaged in the product, and keep their interest at a nice fever pitch.  Just a thought for you guys! What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Should they shower me in money and adoration?

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