Imagine Nations kicks off a second crowd-funding campaign

Recently, a new indie development group called “Cat Banana Studios” has been showcasing their  new adventure game, Imagine Nations, and OnRPG was there to give readers a glimpse at the many possibilities for their ambitious new title. Unfortunately, despite a moderate amount of interest from gaming communities, including success on Steam’s Greenlight program, they were unable to reach their funding goals with their recent Kickstarter Campaign.

However, they’ve acknowledged that their previous funding goal was not met, and due to the overwhelming positive feedback and support, Cat Banana Studios felt it was important to continue the campaign to fund their game. Now, Imagine Nations is attempting a second crowd-funding campaign, this time on IgnitionDeck. This time, they’ll have about less than 143 days to earn the funds they need to continue development, which should be plenty of time to convince the gaming masses that Imagine Nations can be much more than another fancy Minecraft wannabe.

Anyone who pledges will receive “Backer Status” and gain special access to their site with an opportunity to earn other rewards on specific pledge tiers.

For more information on Imagine Nations, check out their campaign page here:

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