Jade Dynasty Launches Empyrean Lands

Jade Dynasty Launches Empyrean Lands



Today Perfect World Entertainment announced the launch of Jade Dynasty’s “The Empyrean Lands” update, with the new Elysium zone!



This new map is a PvP hotspot, and will give you the Chroma rewards you need to reach the pinnacle of Vitalic power. Challenge the three epic bosses for Kirin Sigils and endgame gear!


You can reach Elysium by going to Dragon Mountain, either via the Royal Altar in the Divine Realm or by talking to Dragon Envoy Jassie in Sunstream City.



Shangge, at the base camp on Dragon Mountain, can teleport you directly to Elysium, or you can climb to the top of the mountain.



To reach Elysium, you’ll need to be Ascended Lv120, be Tier 5, have an Affinity and be at least Chroma Level 1.


At the center of the Elysium map stands the Aeon Wat, a palace that will be the scene for thousands of PvP battles. With three floors to fight over, the Aeon Wat has space for both pitched battles and ambushes.



The Empyrean Lands are full of Chroma power, and you can grab tons of Chroma Beads from kill quests and harvesting items. With a little dedication, and a watchful eye to keep from getting ganked, you can earn tons of Chroma Beads each day.



If you can get enough players to agree to join forces, you can challenge Elysium’s three bosses, for prizes including endgame gear and Kirin Sigil.



These titanic bosses will require at least twenty-man squads, equipped with high-refinery gear, to take down. The rewards are huge, but so are the challenges.



Elysium will have a separate Marketplace, the Sky Exchange; some useful items from the normal Marketplace will be included, but the Sky Exchange will also have its own unique selection. Grab Empyrean Lands-only mounts with a fast +6.50 movement speed, or heal up with the Pearl of Vita and Aeon Shard batteries, including 30 million points of Health or Spirit.



You can learn more about the Aeon Wat and Elysium’s PvP in this featured blog post, up now.

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