Kartuga Closed Beta Successfully Kicked Off with 100,000 Registrations

Kartuga Closed Beta Successfully Kicked Off with 100,000 Registrations




InnoGames just released initial information on the closed beta of its 3D browser game, Kartuga. The publisher is positively overwhelmed by players’ reception to the game: More than 100,000 players have registered so far, willing to begin their career as fearless pirates. Now the team has summarized first impressions in a developer letter to the Community, saying “thank you” and publishing some numbers – Players have already spent more than 1.76 million minutes, or 3.3 years in the game, buying close to 30 million cannon balls – the subsequent PvE and PvP battles provided InnoGames and developer Ticking Bomb Games with invaluable data, allowing for first updates to improve the games overall stability, matchmaking and PvP.



“No level of internal testing can replace insights of players actually experiencing your game for the first time.” says Product Manager Florian Supa. “And we are proud of the players’ enthusiastic response to the unique formula that is Kartuga. Nonetheless, we got lots of player feedback on how to improve the game. The update we did last week aimed at a more stable experience and fairer PvP.” In the upcoming weeks, the team plans to implement an improved chat window as well as ranking, and rework balancing for PvP and overall progression in order to ensure long-term motivation.



Keys for the closed beta are given out by lotteries amongst all users who registered via www.kartuga.com, but players can also visit InnoGames’ Facebook page to grab keys to enter the game. The closed beta is in English, with several additional language versions to follow in the open beta.

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