Kingdom Heroes Xiaoshou Expansion Arrives

Kingdom Heroes Xiaoshou Expansion Arrives


Get ready to battle it out in the new Xiaoshou Expansion in Kingdom Heroes. The Xiaoshou expansion will build on the enormous Kingdom Heroes map, providing two new areas for players to explore. Kingdom Heroes offers a unique, story based progression system, requiring players to work with their faction to defeat historic Chinese figures such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu in order to access the new areas.


Kingdom Heroes Expansion


Kingdom Heroes new features include:


Increased Level Cap – This expansion is host to a level cap increase, which provides players dozens of new and exciting skills, talents and abilities.


New Gear – An extensive assortment of weapons including glaives, spears, swords and staves, have been introduced along with brand new armor sets and mounts.


New Boat and Siege Weapon – Players must work together to make a valiant stand against Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo’s Army to unlock an undiscovered boat and turret mounted missile launcher.


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