Knight Age Dares Players to Pet Fierce Bosses

Knight Age Dares Players to Pet Fierce Bosses



Knight Age today launches its first major update since the opening of their free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG with unique riding-action, Knight Age. Among the myriad of changes, the first content patch includes new boss pupae (unique pets) for players to collect.



To celebrate the arrival of the new boss pupae, Joymax is kicking off a slew of events for players to explore.  For a limited time, new characters will receive a basket of goodies when they first log into the game, including some lucrative cash shop items.  Established characters will not be left out, as they will receive an EXP boost alongside an increased money drop rate for the next several weekends.



In addition, new items are now available within the item shop!  Pupae and mounts which previously had a limited-time-use timer will now instead be a permanent item for all players who purchase them.  No more worrying about losing a beloved companion as they will now be at your side forever.



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