League of Angels: Thanksgiving Events This Week

League of Angels

GTArcade will be hosting a ton of new events this Thanksgiving week. League of Angels will be waiting for you with open arms with new angels, great events and amazing Black Friday discounts!

New Angels!

Two brand new angels are being released this week.

Referred to as “The Burning One”, Seraphim’s burning passion and loyalty to the Gods has set him apart from other angels. If the Gods are disrespected, he will do whatever it takes to enforce their will. Seraphim has little respect for humans, but has been known to fight for some of the mightiest warriors in the history of the land, but only for causes beneficial to the Gods.

Demeter is the Angel of the Harvest. For ages, farmers have worshiped her as the Goddess responsible for bringing plenty of sunshine, rain and love to their fields. The celebrations in her honor are known to last for days, if not weeks, and are filled with beautiful debaucheries meant to please this benevolent angel. Sadly, few outsiders actually know what goes on during those celebrations; everyone who partakes has been sworn to eternal secrecy! The admiration of her worshipers has made several other angels jealous of Demeter, but she does not let such thoughts bother her.

Be sure to catch all the great events happening this week, such as the Angel Exclusive and Angel’s quiz so you don’t lose your chance at winning these majestic allies

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