League of Legends goes all out with Patch

League of Legends goes all out with Patch



After over a week of delay, Riot Games has finally released their much anticipated Hecarim patch, bringing a series of much needed bug fixes and balancing changes League of Legends along with a UI overhaul.



In addition to the launch of Hecarim, a powerful tanky jungler that gains attack strength from movement speed, the game has revamped their UI. Now damage types will be color coded, allowing players to know which type of damage their opponents are stacking so they can more easily build defenses to counter snowballing champions. In addition reworks to kill announcements have been made to make multiple kills flow more smoothly and quickly, keeping up with the fast paced speed League of Legends I known for.



Multiple bug fixes have been introduced including a fix allowing Teemo to fully utilize stacking attack speed to unleash serious poison (DoT) damage on his foes. Multiple text errors displaying the wrong values have been fixed for champions like Lux and Ziggs. Also multiple buffs were given to lesser played champions like Zilean, Sejuani, and Karma in an attempt to get them more face-time in the League! They also fixed an oddball bug in which Mordekaiser was making minions attack themselves. Talk about #1 Hue Hue Hue!



Recent game changes intended to make games end more quickly have been doing just that, and much to the detriment o f players who find the game nearly impossible to successfully come back from early losses. To make epic come backs more likely, they have boosted the max amount of gold players earn from killing champions on killing sprees from 500 to 600! Furthermore, killing champions higher of a higher level than yourself will grant bonus exp now, while killing champions lower than you will provide less experience. Also to make games more active early on, multiple defensive runes have been nerfed while offensive runes (primarily AP based ones) have been buffed. This adds a bit more variety to the center lane as defensive and offensive choices should be more equivalent to each other now.



Stay tuned to OnRPG later this month as Hhean covers how all these changes are impacting gameplay, as well as offers his insight into Hecarim, The Shadow of War!

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