League of Legends Season 1 Championship!

League of Legends Season 1 Championship!

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-In-Chief



The time is finally here! After over a year of patches, balancing, item releases, champion releases, League of Legends is finally bringing an end to their initial season… with a bang! Beginning this weekend, June 18th, League of Legends will be holding its season 1 championship finals at Sweden’s Dreamhack convention.



What is DreamHack?


DreamHack can only be described as the world’s largest LAN party. Held annually in Sweden, DreamHack plays host to over 200,000 gamers and offers fun for all ages and gaming for all hours of the day. This year many Esports will be holding huge events, including League of Legend’s Season 1 finals!



The LoL Championship


8 teams from around the world, including 3 North American, 3 European, and 2 South East Asian, will battle it out for supremacy. $100,000 in cash is at stake, so expect to see some of the most intense deathmatches in LoL history beginning early Saturday morning. Be sure to tune in at leagueoflegends.com for live feeds, commentary including ESL Shoutcasters, post-game analysis, and daily recaps as some of the world’s greatest summoners go head to head for the title of LoL royalty. OnRPG will be sure to host any great news about this event as we receive it.



What does this mean for the rest of us though? The end of season 1 naturally suggests the beginning of season 2! With it comes three new champions showcased in our E3 video HERE. Also the recent graphical and skill based remakes of champions is only the beginning. League of Legends intends to completely outdo itself with new skins, better balancing, more interesting hero mechanics, and much more. Our own Jason Harper has been commissioned to write much more often to cover all the exciting changes coming. As a fellow summoner (DizzyPW), I look forward to meeting you all in the battlefield as a bright future dawns soon with League of Legends’ Season 2.

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