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Nintendo Switch Editorial

Okay, so I missed the livestream about it, because I’m sick and really wanted to try and sleep. But I’ve received pretty much all of the notes that are worth having, and there are a few things I really wanted to talk about. The Nintendo Switch might not be such an abysmal failure as I had earlier predicted, which is great! This is a time I definitely want to be wrong. One of the absolute biggest things? No region locking! Finally, for the first time in what feels like a lifetime, a Nintendo console won’t be locked. So you can import all the wacky games that you’d like to. Another potential positive is the price tag, 300 bucks. While I do think it’s pricey regardless, it’s not a bad one as far as consoles go. But I think there’s a second edge to this sword: If it’s really this powerful, that’s kind of a low price! How do I think that, you might be asking yourself. . . Look at the cost of peripherals! Good lord! 70-90 bucks for a goddamn controller? At that cost you might as well just buy an arcade stick/fight stick! Jesus damn.  I also wish it weren’t so gimmicky. That’s the thing I hate about Nintendo, is that while they make really great products, they force their stupid gimmicks into it. And yeah, it’s revolutionary, but I just want to play great games. I don’t want to look down at a second screen, or flap my arms, or race around the room.

Nintendo Switch Editorial 2

Another thing I absolutely loathe? The “Joy-Con” controllers. The two mini controllers that break away, have an accelerometer, can tell how far apart they are from each other. . . I don’t need all of that! I play RPGs! I don’t need, much less want any of that crap. The games are kind of a mixed bag for me. There are a few games I’m insanely excited over! A new JRPG from Square Enix, new Dragon Quest RPGs, Skyrim [I guess that horse hasn’t been beaten to death yet. . .], a new SMT, I Am Setsuna, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. . . the list goes on! So many things I’d love to see. But then I have to look at the potential negatives, because that’s what I do apparently. . . How many of those are launch titles? Zelda is, and I’m grateful for that because I’m a massive Zelda fan, but how many of the other games that I want. . . will they be launch titles? Mario sure isn’t. How can you launch a Nintendo console without a damn Mario game? And the one their purporting to give us is kind of weird. I’m also really excited for Ultra SFII: The Final Challengers, just because it has Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, who is making his Capcom debut! One of my favorite character concepts is coming, and that’s hype! There’s a whole lot to be excited about on the Switch, but it’s not all roses. There are things that make me kind of sad. It’s funny though, I was going to get a new XB1, but as soon as I saw the Switch, that went right out of the window.

So final verdict? Excited, but a bit cautious. What do you guys think? Excited? Don’t care? Mad that I’d dare besmirch a Nintendo console? Drop your thoughts below!

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    I want to be excited about this, because there are some super good games coming out for it. But.. the controller is too small for me and I just can’t bring myself to play very many games anymore. I don’t know why but video games just don’t do it for me anymore.

    That said.. it’s a cool idea but Nintendo really needs to get away from ‘lol gimmick’ controller. Building your empire on the backs of three characters and wacky controls seems stupid unless it works. And apparently it’s been working. So who am I to judge.

  • Endathel

    hope they take the feedback i am sure they will receive here and lower some prices.. Unless the cost is the predication for anticipated sales projections. in which case find your closest bomb shelter!