SMITE Masters, Spring 2017 Discussion

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Alas, I could not make it to Masters this year. I was going to drive down and do my pressly duties, RE: Hang out and watch pro players get down and dirty to see who is the best in the Spring Split.. but it didn’t work out. That’s okay, because I have Twitch, and a nice screen to watch from in the comfort of my own home! I have to say, I’m interested in this three-split system that’s going on this year. If I’m not streaming, I’ll be watching this, you can believe it. But do I have any picks, thoughts, Gods I’d like to see? Of course, I do! Just because I have to be impartial in my coverage, doesn’t mean I don’t have Gods I’d like to see used, and teams I’d like to see/think will win! So I’m going to do a little chatting about what I think will go down. No matter who wins, who loses, it’s going to be an incredible weekend of Smite action! Isurus put in a lot of work, and alas fell to the Black Dragons at the end of the day, and NRG were showing a tiny bit of difficulty with Team Dire Wolves [but nonetheless won].

Team To Not Give Up On [that aren’t playing this weekend]: Oxygen Supremacy

I won’t lie, I’m very disappointed that Oxygen Supremacy didn’t make it. But they put on a Hell of a show last week! I don’t think I’ve seen plays, and team comps like that ever. I hope they don’t give up and keep pushing through the year. If there’s another gauntlet or another way in, they’ll find it. They aren’t here this weekend, but damn, I’m keeping my eye on them!

Grand Finals:

  • NRG vs. EGR: Sorry guys, but this is how I see it going down. I have a hard time believing NRG just… didn’t do well enough to get right ahead of the pack. As two-time world champions, I do think they could not have taken their competition seriously. With that in mind, they wound up in the position that they’re in; perhaps to show off? No matter how much I love Luminosity [and I do], I don’t think they’re going to be a match for the powerhouse that is NRG. They’re a well-oiled machine, and every single person on their team can hard carry to a win. Even iRaffer, their support. As a support player, it’s a pleasure seeing such a talented one on the main stage. EGR is another powerhouse team though, and I’m envisioning them 2-1ing Black Dragons, before moving on to take out SoaR, who will take Dignitas out of the running. That will leave us with an incredible NRG vs. EGR matchup, one you won’t want to miss out on.

Dark Horse Picks:

  • Black Dragons: Man, I didn’t expect such a strong showing from the Black Dragons. That’s not an inditement of their skill because they’re at the pro scene for a reason. But they brought a hell of a fight to Isurus, and they could really show up an ill-prepared EGR.
  • Luminosity: With Team Enemy fading away, Luminosity is another team I’ve been keeping my eyes on. No matter how much I love EGR, Enemy will always be my favorite team. If NRG don’t take their opponents seriously, Luminosity could very well come out of nowhere, dominate them, and move on to prove their worth on the grand stage of the Spring Split!

Whether I’m right or wrong, that doesn’t matter. What matters is this weekend’s going to have really interesting team comps, plays, and probably some unexpected teams coming out on top! No matter who wins or loses, the Smite community wins, that’s for damn sure! Do you have a favorite? Least favorite? Who do you think is going to win? Let me know below!


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