Lime Odyssey Fans Refuse to Shave Until OB Access

Lime Odyssey Fans Refuse to Shave Until Open Beta Access



If you’ve spent any time at OnRPG forums in recent months, you would know there is quite a buzz going around for the current testing of Aeria Games’ upcoming Fantasy MMORPG, Lime Odyssey. However as the initial alpha test draws to a close, some of the super fans are taking their dedication a step further.. and have begun an anti-shaving protest until they are given access to the game.



Lime Odyssey is developed by Sirius Entertainment Co., Ltd., a Korean-based team composed of talented industry veterans, many of whom worked on the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Over the past week, a lucky few alpha test participants, including OnRPG’s Murxidon and JamesBl0nde, have received the first outside glimpse of the localized North American experience. The game performs well in all aspects but is especially notable for its multiple playable races, thousands of quests, dual class system, cute pets and mounts, as well as an inspiring crafting system. JamesBl0nde in particular even enjoys the music, a rare compliment in an MMO industry that usually places tunes at the lowest priority on the development ladder.



Although the game is slated for release in Early 2012, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aeria starts sending out a few more test invites over the next couple weeks. So keep an eye on your email and be sure to shave your pits when you join us later this week for JamesBl0ndes’ alpha impressions video!

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