Loli: The Death of MMOs and Good Sense


Let’s talk weird shit today! I hope you’re ready. Now some of you might be asking, “Ragachak, what’s Loli?”  and I will feel deep shame for having to explain it. So here goes: Loli is short for Lolicon. “Loli” typically means an underaged girl, or a girl who is of mature age dressing/styling themselves in that underage, Lolita fashion. Frilly dresses, et cetera. But Lolicon? Lolicon is a sexual attraction to a prepubescent girl. Is there anything wrong with the Lolita dress style? No, not at all. But I feel it is appropriate to give the people who are not in the know, such as it were, to be in it. I’m sorry. The next question we have to ask ourselves, is why this is appropriate for a gaming website? Well.

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Eastern MMOs are famous for having Loli style characters, petite, adorable little girls who typically cast magical spells and are super cute. That’s fine; it’s not a sexual thing, they’re just cute girls who detonate people with magic. But that’s where the line is drawn. There are some MMOs that hyper sexualize these little girls, and one fine example is TERA. All the female characters are sexualized, but that includes the LITTLE GIRLS. Originally they weren’t glorified loli in the west, but as time passed, good sense began to fade into the background, and we get shit like this. I feel like every TERA video I’ve seen shows a little more and makes my spirit die a little more. Some people give the argument “Well the male characters are sexualized too!” and that’s not going to make it better! Some of the literal arguments have been “Haters gonna hate,” and I don’t even understand. There are stances on both sides of this, but I’m gonna stand by my “I think it’s repugnant.”  Lolicon has no place in gaming; I don’t feel like it sends a good, or positive message.

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TERA videos [made BY THEIR COMPANY mind] range from horrific acid trips to peculiar hip hop videos trying to make it seem edgy and cool. But I’m sorry, placing young-looking girls, who don’t even look 15 in short leather skirts and crop tops? Creepy, creepy shit. To me, the worst video is the “Hello Kitty” video. Two girls in skirts whose hemline stops at the hip descend down off screen, when an adult male character comes rising up, looking smarmy as fuck. Don’t worry, that one’s tagged in this editorial. It’s the death of good common fucking sense. I understand that some of it is simply their culture, that’s the way it is there. When it’s packaged this way and brought to America, it comes across as horrifying, cringe-worthy, and incredibly creepy. You don’t need sexualize things to make them good, or popular. Sure, WoW has a lot of sexualized female characters. I’m not saying any one company isn’t guilty of this [but I think FFXIV has the fewest of them, but I could be mistaken] but I think it’s disgusting to resort to these kinds of tactics and designs to try and appeal to the literal lowest common denominator. Again, this is all personal speculation. I could be wrong. It could simply be TERA making cute little girls to appeal to people who like cute things. But that’s not how it looks to all eyes.

Riders of Icarus, you aren’t immune to this disease either! I saw the “Idol” trailer for Riders of Icarus. It’s the new class coming and it’s definitely a thing that exists. Just another fine example of Lolicon in modern MMOs. I don’t think the games are bad, but I definitely feel like this is a trend that has gone entirely too far. What do you think? Am I blowing this out of proportion?

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  • Nikusuke Doguro

    Moralfags are cancer.

  • Nakua

    I think that people like you that create these clickbait articles are part of the cause of the rise of swj, censorship and homogenization of quality in asian fictional media trend that is dangerous getting close to the west control of moral and thoughts.

    • Anony Mous

      tell me about it. First they cry about cultural appropriation and ‘privilege’. But when it forays into a stance (The Sarkesian mess) they feel free to meddle with the whole “waaah this media is demorailizing.” Of which, japanese media is distinctly different in both moral lines and representation of sexuality.

  • Nyanta Shiroe

    Theres a difference between sticking your dick in a kid and something you find offensive in a FICTIONAL game. You don’t like it? Don’t play it.

  • mew

    Dumbest article I’ve ever seen.

  • Internet Person

    Pedos in the comments getting angry, lol.

    • Nakua

      You seems the only one here since you clearly don’t get any difference between fake anime character and reality, and this is more concerning.

  • Nikusuke Doguro

    The real decease are modern puritans. Unlike people who simply enjoy the loli art style and harm no one those morality freaks actually go out their way to restrict artistic expression by banning stuff and/or limiting money flow in payment processors, resulting in artists livelihood being threatened.

  • I Kyuun

    without elin tera would be dead from now. you buy much more outfits for and cute elin than an ugly other race.^^ and also like 60% the playersa re elins. so u would never find any groups without them. 60% of the players only play cuz elins.