LOTRO Announces No Support For F2P Players

[Updated] LOTRO Announces No Support For F2P Players


Codemasters have shown exactly how “new” they are to the Free to Play market by announcing on their Lord of the Rings Online FAQ page that they will not be offering Customer Support to the Free to Play players.


Codemasters opts to not offer Customer Support to Free to Play players


We can’t help but think that this is a poor choice. Any true F2P players know that the players that don’t spend a dime in a game make up a very important and large part of the community. Treating them as second rate citizens is a sure-fire way to make them pack their bags really fast.


Here’s hoping Codemasters will wisen up any time soon!


Update: Bevan Davies, Community Manager at Codemasters Online, has contacted us with the following message:

“Hi, appreciate the coverage however there are some exceptions on the support, like Account and Technical issues.”

So there you go, it’s good to hear that people who have technical issues will be helped by the Codemaster Support team.


[Source: Codemasters FAQ Page (check the very last question)]

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