LOTRO Launches First Part of Riders of Rohan

LOTRO Launches New Update to Riders of Rohan Saga



Today marks the beginning of the next epic saga in The Lord of the Rings Online’s Rohan storyline. Follow in the footsteps of Middle-earth’s most famous hobbit as you experience these three brand new three-man instances:



Webs of the Scuttledells

Many years have passed since the hobbit Bilbo Baggins passed through Mirkwood and the forests’ spiders first felt the bite of Sting. Recently, elven scouts have begun to go missing and Gandalf asks for brave adventurers to investigate these grim tidings. Take care as you tread into the forest for one can never be sure what lurks beneath the dark boughs.



Seat of the Great Goblin

Descend beneath the Misty Mountains to the heart of Goblin-town where reports indicate that a new leader may be rising to power. In the years since the death of the Great Goblin, the goblins have been disorganized and consumed by infighting but a new leader would make them a threat once again. Seek out this leader and slay him before the goblins can strike at the Free Peoples!



Iorbar’s Peak

Answer a call for aid from the Great Eagles who have been robbed of a precious egg by the stone giants of the Misty Mountains. Time is of the essence, for the delicate egg must be recovered before it becomes the main course for a hungry giant. Gather your two strongest allies for the stone giants are as dangerous and unpredictable as the frigid mountains they dwell in.



In addition to these new instances comes a revamp to some you may already be familiar with.



Dol Guldur Scaling

Return to the classic instance cluster, Dol Guldur, the Enemy’s shadowy stronghold deep in the heart of Mirkwood. In Update 9 all five instances will scale up to level 85 and offer tier 2 challenges for the most fearless adventurers. In addition, the Dungeons of Dol Guldur instance has been re-tuned for a full fellowship.



Moria Revamp Part 2

Delve into four newly-updated, underground zones as the LOTRO development team finishes their revamp of Moria, begun with Update 7. The Redhorn Lodes, Zelem-Melek, Nud-Melek, and the Flaming Deeps have all received visual updates as well as new and restructured quests to improve the leveling experience. Experience the dread and wonder that lie deep beneath the earth like never before!

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