Luna Online: Closed beta starting on April 17th

The highly anticipated title finally hits stateside, bringing a whirlwind of innovative social features combined with solid traditional MMO features, to an already eager fan base. Luna Online, will be a fresh take on the MMORPG genre for MMO players as the game provides for extensive social systems focusing on the community. Players will connect with other players from around the world on Luna Online’s Matchmaking System, Date Instances, Family System and Guilds Alliances System.

Luna Online’s already robust community has been eagerly waiting for Closed Beta Testing to finally open its doors. On April 17th, users will be able to test out Luna Online’s multitude of exciting features.  

“We’ve been behind the scenes, in the preparation phase of Luna Online for quite some time now, it is a real pleasure to finally present our hard work and dedication to our users! With our focus squarely on the community, our users will be right at home for quite some time at Luna Online.  I’m looking forward to seeing our community’s reaction to the game.” -Elliott Coward, Producer of Luna Online.

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