MapleStory goes event crazy in February

MapleStory goes event crazy in February


MapleStory has a fun-filled February with various events that celebrate Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day and an event for Mardi Gras called “Maplers Gone Wild”.  Each event encourages players to participate, promising different prizes and rewards.  Prizes include plushies, thousands of Maple Points, gift cards, and SD cards. 

The search for Pink Bean’s shadow in the event, “Pink Bean’s Shadow,” will determine how long winter will last in Maple World.  During this event, players will hunt for Pink Bean outside of Time Temple and submit screenshots of the sightings.  If enough Maplers catch the elusive Pink Bean, winter will be declared over in MapleWorld and the winners will be rewarded with prizes galore.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, players will have a chance to win real life prizes for submitting a picture of a valentine they make for their favorite NPC.  Maplers can express their artistic creativity and have a chance to be rewarded for it.

Maplers can now broadcast their character’s wild side in the Maplers Gone Wild event in recognition of Mardi Gras.  Players can submit videos of their characters going wild in response to the official Mardi Gras video.  The most creative and celebratory video response will win the grand prize.

Maple Story - Crazy February with lots of events

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