MapleStory Releases the Vengeful Samurai, Hayato

MapleStory Releases the Vengeful Samurai, Hayato



Today Nexon reveals their latest playable hero character to MapleStory, a hard hitting samurai focused on outwitting his foes with devastating AoE and dash attacks. Let’s take a closer look at what Hayato offers.




June 21, 1582
Honnou-ji, Kyoto

Although the brutal warlord Oda Nobunaga was cementing his control of Japan, it wasn’t enough to slake his thirst for power. Seeking immortality and to become a new demon king, he prepared a ritual at Honnou-ji in Kyoto. The feudal lords banded together and waged a fierce battle with the Oda forces in a desperate last bid to stop the evil lord. While the armies clashed outside, the legendary samurai, Hayato, fought his way into the temple and challenged Oda himself to stop the ritual.


While the two traded blows, a pillar of light erupted from the temple, casting all it enveloped into a strange world. Weakened by the unfamiliar energy of this work, Hayato must regain his strength and battle once more against the spread of Nobunaga’s dark ambitions.



CLASS: Sengoku
MAIN WEAPON: Katana (unique weapon type)
SUB EQUIP: Wakizashi
HP: High
MP: Low
PRIMARY STAT: Strength (STR) – needed for damage and for equips



*Although Hayato is male as far as the story is concerned, you’ll be able to play as female or male version of Hayato.

*After the tutorial at Honnou-ji, your journey will continue at Momijigaoka, in the Mushroom Shrine area of Zipangu.

*Hayato must have one of his special katana equipped in order to use all of his skills. Make sure that the weapon type says “katana” in the item description.

*Since he is from ancient Japan and his primary language is Japanese, Hayato’s voice is in Japanese. His animated video has subtitles, and he occasionally speaks when performing some skills. The female version of Hayato has also been given voiceovers when performing certain skills.

*Hayato and his Sengoku allies and enemies are able to communicate with the denizens of their new home through the magic of Maple World. Thus, their text dialogue will be translated.

*The Tot’s Know-How guide system has been enabled for Hayato.

*Katana for Hayato have been added to the wares of many weapon vendors.

*Each Hayato character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters.


Hayato Basic Skills

Master of Blades: Permanently increases Speed +20, Jump +10, Avoidability +20%, Katana Mastery +60%, Willpower +30.

Keen Edge (Link SKill): At Master Level: All Stats: +10, Attack Increase +5, Magic Attack +5

Summer Rain: MP Cost: 50, Damage 500%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 6, +15% Continuous damage for 120 secs, Cooldown 600 sec.

Shimada Heart: Increases your damage by +0.5% for every 100 Weapon DEF you have.

Echo of Hero: MP Cost: 30, Weapon attack +4%, Magic attack +4%, Duration 40 minutes, Cooldown 2 hours. Obtained at level 200.



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