Microsoft Announces Age of Empires Online

Microsoft Announces Age of Empires Online

Just in time for the GamesCom 2010 Microsoft announces Age of Empires Online

Everyone who always dreamed to take Age of Empires into an MMO direction will feel like they have gotten their wish. The game will take place in Greece.

Greece: ancient land of beauty, reason, passion … and war. A peninsula of feuding city-states populated by noble warriors and wise philosophers, Greece stands ready to resist any invaders who underestimate their power. Help guide the Greeks to their rightful place as the strongest of ancient empires.

On top of the resource management and warfare game-play mechanics that we would all expect from a proper Age of Empires game it will also include Crafting and a pretty deep itemisation system.


Charge across the river


The most important feature however will of course be that it will be multi-player! Both Coop as well as full on PvP is supported!

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