Mir 2: Open Beta Begins Today

Gamepot USA, Inc., a free to play online game publisher, announces launch of the Open Beta service for “Mir 2: the Legend Continues (Mir2)” from April 29, 17:00 PST.
In preparation for the Open Beta, the beginners’ guild system has been added and the maximum level has been increased to level 60.  The beginners ‘guild is a unique guild run by the game system for all beginners under level 59 to join, to get extra guild bonus, and to help each other with the game. 
If you haven’t had a chance to play Mir2 during the closed beta, the beginners’ guild is where you can get assistance from the user community.  Mir2 will also be featuring a whole new user interface (UI), specially designed for the English service client.  
In addition to the new feature of the game, there will be in-game and online game events for all gamers. 
In-game events include GM monster summons, mob raids, and double drop rate.
Online game events are video posting and bug reporting events. 
All event winners will be awarded with in-game cash item at the official launch of the game. 
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