MMORPG Halloween Events 2012!

MMORPG Halloween Events 2012!



Halloween is a magical time in the MMOverse. Practically every game out there does a little something for the holiday. There are so many of these events in fact it can be a bit hard to keep track of them all. Have no fear, we here at OnRPG have been doing that for you. So, have a look in our list of Halloween events for your favorite game. I’ve put it in alphabetical order, just to make it easier to find the game you want. If your game isn’t listed that means one of two things, either they aren’t having a Halloween event or we somehow missed it.



Age of Conan – October 19-November 5

Three new quests lead players through tracking down and defeating three Lost Souls. Finishing the quests will reward you with your choice of social gear.



APB Reloaded

Trick and Treat have come back again this year to offer six levels of missions to complete. Its also smashing pumpkins season. There are pumpkins all over, smashy smashy! Four levels of titles can be unlocked by smashing the poor innocent pumpkins.



City of Heroes – October 26-29

For the final time the City of Heroes tradition comes alive. With trick or treating, zombie invasions and even a mad man with a deadly haunted mansion. And you can’t forget the giant pumpkin walking the main city zones. The Halloween event has long been said to be the best of all of City of Heroes’ events. This is not one to miss.




The infamous Halloween map has returned to CrossFire for the season. In addition there are character items which will be exclusive to Halloween.



Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) – October 24-?

Players grab Halloween boxes from the Pumpkin Knight which appear throughout the dungeons of C9. Inside are Halloween costumes and gear. In addition special items can be purchased in the item shop. And new gear will be available at a special discount.



Dark Age of Camelot – October 24-November 5

A new quest is available for anyone over level 45. And vendors with treats can be found inside several areas. Meanwhile ghosts haunt the capital cities as the pumpkin moon rises. And this is just barely scratching the surface of the events going on.



DC Universe Online – October 16-November 6

This year’s Halloween event is brand new, titled “The Witching Hour” it deals with Klarion the Witch Boy causing havoc in Gotham City. Heroes are sent to defeat the ghouls the Witch Boy has released and ultimately enter the Midnight Masquerade and face Klarion himself.



Digimon Masters – October 24-November 20

Trick or Treat the Digimon Masters way this season, instead of going door to door just defeat monsters for prizes and treats. There are also treats for logging in and for buying the Digimon of the Month during the event.



Dragon Saga – October 24-November 6

A new racing event map is the highlight of Dragon Saga’s festivities this year along with 4 new Halloween costumes and 2 new riding pets. In addition there are many new vanity items to earn throughout the event.




A new Halloween themed quest has been added to Dragonica. Along with it there are new themes, pets, outfits and prizes galore. Tigers and Ligers as well as jewellery and precious gems have been added as well.




New content has come to life in Elseword for the Halloween season. The Halloween dungeon has been given a bit of a revamp and the grim reaper has been seen randomly invading dungeons. A limited edition pet and costumes are also available.



Everquest – October 19-November 7

Festivities on Norrath this year include helping a gravedigger dig graves and helping the hungry find pumpkin food and drink. Halloween themed armor will drop in Hero’s Forge and there are special items in the market.



Everquest II – October 11-November 5

In the Nights of the Dead players can enjoy haunted houses in Qeynos and Freeport. Meanwhile Ghost Hunter competitions are taking place in Commonlands and Antonica.



Fallen Earth – October 11-31

A pumpkin carving contest is the highlight of Fallen Earth’s festivities this year. Players are encouraged to carve their pumpkins in Fallen Earth inspired ways and post photos of them on the official forums. The top three pumpkin carvers will receive prizes.



Free Realms – October 11-November 15

Vampires and Werewolves come face to face in a dance off, just one part of Free Realm’s unique Halloween activities. There are also several new costume parts for players to enjoy and lots of frightening quests.



Forge of Empires – October 25-November 4

Jack O’ Lantern has some rhyming riddles for you to solve to get some tricky treats. Players who complete Jack’s riddles are rewarded with a unique cultural building, The Graveyard.



Guild Wars – October 19-November 2

Mad King Thorn makes his yearly appearance in the mortal world for a celebration full of festive quests, costume brawl PvP event, and guild vs guild battles in the Halloween theme of course. The main events are in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan but all of Tyria is decorated for the occasion.



Guild Wars II – October 22-November 1

For the first time in 250 years the Mad King Thorn has made another appearance in Tyria. The events in Guild Wars 2 will be broken up into four parts. The first is Tricks or Treats. Complete with new events and haunted doors that have appeared all over the world. Get in on it while you can though, Act two starts on Friday October 26. With the last two on October 28 and 31 respectively. Details aren’t released yet about the acts coming, and we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.



Knight Age – Ends October 25

A fan art competition is taking place this year for Knight Age fans. Players are encouraged to mix Knight Age with Halloween for some fun festive artwork. Submissions are being accepted through October 25.



Maestia – October 17-November 6

Lucy has coins for you to collect this year. You can trade them in for special Halloween boxes with fantastic items like broomstick mounts, and ghost pets. There will also be special gold Halloween boxes on sale for a limited time.



Ragnarok – October 16-November 7

Not quite alive creatures inhabit the shadows of Rune Midgard in the Halloween quest from Ragnarok. Go up against the undead for a short time and complete the side quests to find the source of the undead…problem.



Requiem: Memento Mori – October 24-November 7

Monsters and Minions throughout the Requiem Nightmare Halloween event have a chance to drop the exclusive Halloween box. While the Grim Reaper pet and and Pumpkin costume make a return to spice things up.



ROSE Online – October 18-November 1

Heburkal has returned to terrorize Junon Polis with his minions. Visitors can defend the city and enjoy some favorite Halloween quests to get spooky and fun rewards. Seven new mounts are being introduces, some of which will only be available during Halloween.



Rusty Hearts – October 10-26

If you’re a fan of art contests Rusty Hearts has one for you. Make a costume, a postcard or draw one of your own characters for this Halloween themed contest. There are several in game prizes to be won and submissions are being accepted on the forums.




The Festival of the Dead celebrates the lives the dead lived instead of mourning them after they were gone. New quests are available for celebrating your fallen comrades which will give you a skeleton mask (hopefully not one of your comrades’ skulls) and double xp multipliers.



Scarlet Legacy

A trick or treat that has players collecting treats offers seasonal treats like a Black Magician Costume, Spirit Scrolls, and a Pumpkin Head accessory. And players can post Halloween themed screenshots on Facebook to earn the exclusive Mummy pet companion.



TERA – October 23-November 5

Candy baskets, cake, and mystery boxes are just the beginning of the festive events going on in TERA. There are items galore to collect and you even get to throw pies at a poor soul named Gourdo.



The Secret World – October 18-November 1

A new storyline dealing with the Cat God comes to Solomon Island. There are a variety of potions, unique items costumes and pets to enjoy. And biggest of all there are exclusive prizes for dimensions and secret societies. Stonehenge takes a step away from the pvp scene for a bit of festive fun.



Ultima Online – October 19-November 1

The annual Shard of the Dead is back once again this year. You enter the shard as you entered the world, naked and screaming. Once you join a team you can go to a safe zone where you get gear and supplies. Then you enter the danger. The floors are covered in powerful magic items for you to use. But don’t think being unarmed will keep monsters from attacking.



Vanguard Saga of Heroes – October 1-November 1

The veil between the world of living and the world of the dead is at it’s weakest and thinnest. New bosses have poured through with their ghoulish minions. But it isn’t all bad, there is plenty of candy on hand for all to enjoy!



Warhammer Age of Reckoning – October 18-November 1

A public quest, an event quest and a creepy cemetery scenario feature in WAR’s Daemon Moon Rising, Halloween event. Rewards both fair and foul are handed out, these masks are rare rewards for completing quests and public quests. Last year’s masks are also available from RvR battlefields.



World of Warcraft – October 18-31

Hallow’s End makes a return to WoW with several events ranging from apple bobbing to handing out sweets to the kids of Azeroth. There are also pets, mounts, vanity items as well as achievements, and titles.

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